Hi, I'm Colin. I am Assistant Professor of Communications at Elizabethtown College in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I co-edited a book called Hardcore, Punk, and Other Junk; run a net.label called Cornslaw Industries; make a bit of music when I can find time; do some graphic design; worked on some films; teach courses in audio production, new media, film, design, and other general communications courses; advise and act as the general manager of WWEC FM; co-chair the music area as well as serve as the Executive Secretary of the Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association (MAPACA); work extensively with a web development firm on creating MAPACA's "interactive web experience;" and chair the Internet culture area of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA).

There's a blog behind this page, but it's kind of a mess. See icons above for me on the web.

I live in Philadelphia with my wife, son, and cat.

colin helb at gmail dot com